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Custom Enterprise Application Development

The solutions we craft include complex web based custom software for ERP, CRM and Ecommerce.

We specialize in custom development of complex enterprise applications for tourism industry.

Website Development

We build custom designed and visually stunning websites for our clients at competitive pricing and at highest level of quality.

During the years we worked out our own technology based on the experience with our clients and partners from the tourism industry and e-commerce business.

Having developed all the time our solutions, we have the opportunity to provide our clients with a reliable and fast adjustable website or web based software platform.

24/7 technical support

We provide also highly reliable web hosting and mail service, 24/7 technical support and assistance on how to use our solution.

Custom Enterprise Application Development
Website Development
24/7 technical support

We implement the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices for:

  • Custom responsive web design implementation;
  • Implementation of any functionality on demand;
  • Advanced administration panels for easy data management of multilingual content;
  • Online printable vouchers and reports, exports in PDF and Excel format;
  • Development of interfaces to any credit card payment gateways;
  • XML, SOAP, JSON, REST API interfaces to feed database from other sources via web services and to export data to other vendors;
  • Consulting and advising our clients about the way to achieve the best position of the webpage in the search engines.